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Responsive Website Design (RWD)

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Mobile Web Design

Responsive web design has been the rage ever since its inception in 2010, but what exactly is it? Coined by Ethan Marcotte, RWD is the optimization of your website for optimal user experiences on mobile devices, tablets and even HD TV’s. With small devices such as these, it becomes rather tedious to find your way around a website, and by implementing responsive web design, your website speaks the same language as the device it is being rendered on.

Desktop Website+Mobile Website=Responsive Website Design (RWD)

With a dedicated response design team, Advent Interactive optimizes your online shop, cms, portal and websites for mobile devices with the best practices and boasts of years of expertise that is simply unmatched. This staple of modern design can be implemented on any project we undertake, which means that your site can be desktop, mobile and tablet ready without the need to build expensive additional custom designs for each device. So rather than building disconnected designs to suit different devices, Advent Interactive delivers one site that fits all.

Why not just have a Dedicated Mobile Site rather than Responsive Web Design?

Good question with a simple answer? A dedicated mobile site is a new website altogether in terms of costs, design and SEO strategies, and not to mention the strenuous efforts of updating two websites. The tricky part is that now you have two websites with a relatively similar design and content, which is definitely not something that Google appreciates. Responsive design is dubbed as future friendly, meaning it will adapt seamlessly with any new devices introduced beyond mobile devices.

How can Responsive Web Design help your Business?

Our responsive design makes it easier for your visitors to access your website anytime and anywhere. There is no scrolling or zooming needed, making it much easier to read on tablets, and smart phones such as Blackberry, Nokia, iPhones, iPads and the ever evolving Android.

You get 3 websites in one – mobile, tablet and desktop compatibility

Visitors who enjoy this versatility are more likely to revisit your website, meaning higher conversion rates

This relatively new way of building websites will give you a distinct edge over your competitors

Still Debating if Responsive Web Design is for you?

In terms of numbers, the amount of mobile device users has quadrupled and this surge of appeal isn’t going to plunge anytime soon. It’s never too late to implement responsive web design, and become part of this revolution that is constantly evolving.

For all your needs, you have Advent Interactive by your side.


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